​Macrae Hewitt

My name is Macrae Hewitt. I have been a competitive swimmer since 2007 and have taken a personal interest in backstroke.

As a swimmer, I appreciate and understand the necessity for a coach who is always progressing his or her swimmers towards reaching their own personal goals. Goal setting is fundamental towards improvement, it is important to set a goal that is reachable and realistic. At the end of any season, everyone should be able to look back at the beginning and see the improvements that they have made, and the wake they have left in the pool.

I have a thirst for knowledge and I am always attempting to better understand the miraculous sport of swimming, as well as learn new techniques and concepts that will better everyone, including myself. This thirst for knowledge has driven me to read and constantly research all I can to further understand ideas, concepts, theories, and proven facts. I am comfortable with my knowledge of all strokes and other aspects of swimming including: dives, flip turns, and underwater skills. The mechanics of swimming are a very important part of learning and mastering a stroke. The knowledge is one thing, however to apply the stroke mechanics to practice insures the progression towards mastery.

Being a coach, I hope not only to create a positive coaching environment for me, but also create a positive swimming environment for every swimmer on MMAC. Throughout MMAC there are many different levels of swimming skill brought to the team. All of these people have their own personal backgrounds and goals. I hope to be able to consider all background and goals and create practices that benefit everyone. From people that have goals of World Masters, to people that want to be able to swim 400m freestyle.

Swimming is an absolutely amazing sport and I am eager to start this season off the right way. When the season is over I want everyone to be able to look back and see the wake they left in the lane behind them, and not only think but see that they have made a tremendous tsunami of positive gains, one that has never happened before.

I encourage anyone that has any questions about anything to do with swimming to please email me at maccoachesmmac@gmail.com. I would be happy to answer any questions you may have, and if there is an answer that escapes me I will pursue the knowledge required to fully answer your question.

See you in the pool!​